Monday, June 28, 2010



  1. ... adica in locul asta se trateaza cu jack si exercitii de matematica ... buna combinatie ... felicitari

  2. Nu-i Jack, e Jim Beam. Dar este un medicament la fel de eficient în afecţiunile capului.

  3. deci unde e sanatoriu asta ca vreau si eu vreo 2 luni de "concediu" :))

    ma inclin

  4. ei nu sti.. :))) ne gasesti acolo mai mereu

  5. :) Brava! Va asteptam si prin sanatoriile valcene...

  6. Super!! De ceva timp iti urmaresc blogul si imi place enorm stilul tau!!
    Bravo si tine-o tot asa!!
    Lumina Buna!!

  7. „Welcome to where time stands still, noone leaves and noone will
    Moon is full never seems to change, just labeled mentally deranged
    Dream the sane thing every night, I see our freedom in my sight
    No locked doors, no windows barred , no things to make my brain seem scared

    Sleep my friend and you will see that dream is my reality
    Keep me locked up in this cage, can't they see it's why my brain says rage?

    Sanitarium leave me be
    Sanitarium just leave me alone

    Build my fear of what's out there, cannot breath the open air
    Whisper things into my brain, assuring me that I'm insane
    They think our heads are in their hands, but violent use brings violent plans
    Keep him tied, it makes him well, he's getting better can't you tell?

    No more can they keep us in, listen damn it we will win
    They see it right, they see it well, but they think this saves from our hell

    Sanitarium leave me be
    Sanitarium just leave me alone”

    Metallica – Welcome home sanitarium

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